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Neyhart's Nerdy Reading Recap 2022: Book stats, Graphs, and Charts!

I like that Goodreads tells me I'm really good at reading, and probably a lot of other things too!

2022 was the 11th year I tracked every book I read! The first year I did this I set my reading goal at a modest (for me) 52 books for the year because one book a week sounded pretty manageable. And the reason I decided to start tracking my reading was to help motivate me to read more than I already did.

2014 was the first year I started using a spreadsheet to help me collect and analyze more data than Goodreads allows. In 2019, I discovered that had a spreadsheet template with some built-in charts and graphs, beyond what I was already tracking. So I have used it for the past three years while modifying it to my liking. Here is a link where you can get their 2023 reading log template.

Now on to the nerd stats:

Number of books read: 200
Number of pages read: 37,753
Average book length: 188 pages

Mode of reading:

Audiobook: 67 (33.5%)
Ebook: 104 (52%) 
Print: 29 (14.5%)

(This breakdown is very similar to last year.)

Book Genres:
Similar to the past two years, I read more nonfiction than fiction (60/40 split), whereas in previous years this was more of a 50-50 split.

More specific genres and categories I tracked:
LGBTQ Studies: 15 books (some of these overlap with memoir/Bio and other genres)
Seminary: 75 books - 37.5% of the books I read were for my seminary studies
 (these overlap with Bible & Theology, obviously)
Bible: 52
Theology: 39
Fantasy: 39
Science Fiction: 39 (interesting that my sci-fi/fantasy was split 50-50 this year!)
    Almost 40% of the books I read were either Fantasy or Sci-Fi
Memoir/Bio: 12 (not as many as last year which was 19)
Children's: 9
General Nonfiction: 8
General Fiction: 2

Gender of Author:
Last year I was finally able to read slightly more women than men but this year it's back to 62% male, 36% female, and 2% non-binary. I'm going to have to try harder in 2023 to even this out! 

Books Read Per Month 2022:
This chart looks about like I would expect it to with me reading the most books between May and August when I have more time to read for fun, along with December and January because I'm also on break from classes half of December and all of January (other than auditing a J-term, which I will also be reading for).

Read vs. Re-reads:

First-time read: 132 books (66%)
Re-read: 68 books (34%)   

Here is an image of the 35 books I have labeled as my favorite books I read for the first time in 2022:
screenshot of part of my spreadsheet

Feel free to tell me about your reading year in the comments or in an email back to me!  

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