Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Book Breakdown

Number of books read: 141
(21 more than last year)

Number of pages read: 32,865

Average Length: 249 pages (I know this was brought down by several short stories I read this year.)

Mode of reading: 
Audiobook (92), Ebook (26), Print (23)
I think I can increase my reading goal in 2017 to 150 books without too much trouble. If I read around 25 ebooks, 25 print books, and 100 audiobooks, I will be able to meet that goal. It averages out to 12.5 books a month.

Book Genres:
C. S. Lewis Studies: 8
Seminary: 24
Theology: 23
Spiritual: 3
Spiritual Memoir: 5
Science Fiction: 36
Fantasy: 22
Fiction: 15
Non-Fiction: 5

I grouped Seminary/Theology together with Spiritual and Spiritual Memoir for this chart:
I really want to increase my reading in C. S. Lewis and C. S. Lewis studies in 2017. And I will be taking a class on C. S. Lewis and the Christian Faith, so that should help me towards that goal at least a little.

Male/Female Authorship:
Female: 28
Male: 113

I really want to even out this statistic, but it is harder than you might think when you are also focused on reading in C. S. Lewis studies and Theology. 

Books Read Per Month:
April was the month I finished the fewest books, probably because I was busy with seminary work. But I had to read a lot of books in order to write my final paper for my Old Testament class so the book count went up again in May. I would have expected my book count to be a little bit higher in June, July, and August, because I was on break from school. But apparently I slacked off a bit. =) But then I made up for that in November and December. Part of the reason for the increase was that I was finishing several books I had been reading over the course of the semester for my classes. And once the semester was over, I've been reading more for fun again here in December. 

Hat tip to Brenton Dickieson for giving me the idea to include some charts and graphs in this post. Check out his end of year book breakdown too

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