2015 Books

I met my goal of 120 books read in 2015!

Bold = I will most likely read again at some point
Highlight = I really liked it and want you to read it too

1. Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women by Sarah Bessey (1/2/2015) - This was a re-read and I loved it just as much as the first time I read it.
2. Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art by Madeleine L'Engle (1/8/2015)
3. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg (1/13/2015)
4. Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith by Barbara Brown Taylor (1/15/2015)
5. Meet the Austins (Austin Family #1) by Madeleine L'Engle (1/15/2015)
6. Disarming Scripture: Cherry-Picking Liberals, Violence-Loving Conservatives, and Why We All Need to Learn to Read the Bible Like Jesus Did by Derek Flood (1/15/2015)
7. The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning (1/22/2015)
8. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien (1/23/2015)
9. The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible by Scot McKnight (1/25/2015)
10. Life and Writings of C. S. Lewis (The Great Courses) by Louis Markos (1/27/2015)

11. Revise Us Again: Living from a Renewed Christian Script by Frank Viola (1/29/2015)
12. The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron (2/2/2015)
13. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott (2/7/2015)
14. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (2/9/2015)
15. Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner and Saint by Nadia Bolz-Weber (2/17/2015)
16. The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story by Craig G. Bartholomew, Michael W. Goheen (2/17/2015)*
17. Who Needs Theology?: An Invitation to the Study of God by Stanley J. Grenz, Roger E. Olson (2/18/2015)*
18. Simply Good News: Why the Gospel Is News and What Makes It Good by N.T. Wright (2/20/2015)
19. Called to Teach by William R. Yount* (2/25/2015)
20. The Divine Hours: Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime by Phyllis A. Tickle (2/28/2015)

21. Stardust by Neil Gaiman (3/6/2015)
22. Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church by Rachel Held Evans (3/15/2015)
23. Teaching Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Learning and Teaching by Judith E. Lingenfelter, Sherwood G. Lingenfelter* (3/18/2015)
24. Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology by Gregory A. Boyd (3/13)
25. Winnie the Pooh: A. A. Milne's Pooh Classics, Volume 1 by A.A. Milne (3/16/2015)
26. The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It by Peter Enns (3/20/2015)
27. The Color of Magic (Discworld #1) by Terry Pratchett (3/28/2015)
28. The Light Fantastic (Discworld #2) by Terry Pratchett (3/29/2015)
29. Word in the Wilderness by Malcolm Guite (3/31/2015)
30. Community That is Christian: A Handbook on Small Groups by Julie A. Gorman (4/5/2015)

31. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Narrated by Wil Wheaton (4/6/2015)
32. In Search of the Source: A First Encounter with God's Word by Neil T. Anderson (4/15/2015)
33. Healing the Gospel: A Radical Vision for Grace, Justice, and the Cross by Derek Flood (4/20/2015)
34. Paul for Everyone Galatians and Thessalonians by N.T. Wright (4/22/2015)
35. Galatians (The NIV Application Commentary, New Testament #9) by Scot McKnight (4/22/2015)
36. Galatians and Ephesians (College Press NIV Commentary) by Kenneth L. Boles (4/22/2015)
37. How to Ask Great Questions by Karen Lee-Thorp, Erynn Mangum (4/27/2015)
38. Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church by N.T. Wright (4/30/2015)
39. Theology in the Context of World Christianity by Timothy C. Tennent (5/22/2015)
40. Classic Christianity: A Systematic Theology by Thomas C. Oden (5/22/2015)

41. On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness (The Wingfeather Saga #1) by Andrew Peterson (5/28/2015)
42. The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning (5/28/2015)
43. Jesus Wants to Save Christians: A Manifesto for the Church in Exile by Rob Bell, Don Golden (5/29/2015)
44. The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation by N.T. Wright
45. Memories of the Future - Volume 1 by Wil Wheaton (6/1/2015)
46. Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer by C.S. Lewis (6/3/2015)
47. Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy by Donald Miller (6/3/2015)
48. If You Feel Too Much: Thoughts on Things Found and Lost and Hoped For by Jamie Tworkowski (6/4/2015)
49. The Crowd, The Critic And The Muse: A Book For Creators by Michael Gungor (6/8/2015)
50. The Feast of the Drowned (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures #8) by Stephen Cole (6/8/2015)

51. The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams by Philip Zaleski and Carol Zaleski (6/9/2015)
52. The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis (6/15/2015)
53. The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis (6/16/2015)
54. All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury (6/17/2015)
55. A Grief Observed by C. S. Lewis (6/17/2015)
56. Speaker for the Dead (The Ender Quintet #2) by Orson Scott Card (6/28/2015)
57. Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality by Donald Miller (6/29/2015)
58. Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church by Rachel Held Evans (7/1/2015)
59. Adjustment Team by Philip K. Dick (7/1/2015)
60. A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet #1) by Madeleine L'Engle (7/5/2015)

61. Total Recall by Philip K. Dick (7/8/2015)
62. Off to Be the Wizard (Magic 2.0 #1) by Scott Meyer (7/14/2015)
63. Spell or High Water (Magic 2.0 #2) by Scott Meyer (7/17/2015)
64. Graceling by Kristin Cashore (7/22/2015)
65. An Unwelcome Quest (Magic 2.0 #3) by Scott Meyer (8/2/2015)
66. Armada by Ernest Cline (8/4/2015)
67. Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps by Richard Rohr (8/6/2015)
68. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (8/7/2015)
69. North! or Be Eaten (The Wingfeather Saga #2) by Andrew Peterson (8/26/2015)
70. Allegiant (Divergent, #3) by Veronica Roth (8/26/2015)

71. Fire by Kristin Cashore (8/27/2015)
72. Pathfinder (Pathfinder #1) by Orson Scott Card (8/31/2015)
73. Everything New: Reimagining Heaven and Hell by Jeff Cook (9/2/2015)
74. Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith by Sarah Bessey (9/16/2015)
75. Femmevangelical: The Modern Girl's Guide to the Good News by Jennifer Crumpton (9/17/2015)
76. Glimpses of Grace: Daily Thoughts and Reflections by Madeleine L'Engle (9/21/2015)
77. Ruins (Pathfinder #2) by Orson Scott Card (9/22/2015)
78. The Mission of God's People by Christopher J.H. Wright (9/23/2015)
79. Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst (9/24/2015)
80. Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus by Benjamin L. Corey (9/27/2015)

81. Wesleyan Essentials in a Multicultural Society by Ted A. Campbell (9/27/2015)
82. A Fellowship of Differents by Scot McKnight (9/27/2015)
83. The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why by Phyllis A. Tickle (9/28/2015)
84. The Openness of God by Clark H. Pinnock, John Sanders (9/28/2015)
85. The Salvation of Doctor Who: A Small Group Study Connecting Christ and Culture by Matt Rawle (9/30/2015)
86. Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People by Nadia Bolz-Weber (10/2/2015)
87. The Lost World of Genesis by John H. Walton (10/8/2015)
88. Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father's Questions about Christianity by Gregory A. Boyd (10/8/2015)
89. A Wind in the Door (Time Quintet #2) by Madeleine L'Engle (10/8/2015)
90. The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles #1) by Rick Riordan (10/11/2015)

91. Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World by Tsh Oxenreider (10/12/2015)
92. The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity by Philip Jenkins (10/15/2015)
93. The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brené Brown (10/20/2015)
94. A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Time Quintet #3) by Madeleine L'Engle (10/23/2015)
95. Evil And The Justice Of God by N.T. Wright (10/27/2015)
96. The Doors of the Sea: Where Was God in the Tsunami? by David Bentley Hart (11/1/2015)
97. Is God to Blame?: Beyond Pat Answers to the Problem of Suffering by Gregory A. Boyd (11/1/2015)
98. Many Waters (Time Quintet #4) by Madeleine L'Engle (11/1/2015)
99. Rising Strong by Brené Brown (11/4/2015)
100. A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel by Bradley Jersak (11/8/2015) Read my Review here!

101. Metaphysics by William Hasker (11/10/2015)
102. Sacrifice by René Girard (11/11/2015)
103. Coming Clean: A Story of Faith by Seth Haines (11/11/2015)
104. Churches That Make a Difference: Reaching Your Community with Good News and Good Works by Ronald J. Sider (11/23/2015)
105. For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards by Jen Hatmaker (11/23/2015)
106. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay (12/1/2015)
107. What About Those Who Have Never Heard? Three Views on the Destiny of the Unevangelized by John Sanders, Ronald H. Nash (12/7/2015)
108. Four Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology) (12/7/2015)
109.  Reason and Religious Belief: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion by Michael Peterson (12/7/2015)
110.  Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings by Michael Peterson (12/7/2015)

111. Bible and Mission: Christian Witness in a Postmodern World by Richard Bauckham (12/8/2015)
112. Behold the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey (12/7/2015)
113. Projects in Ethnographic Research by Michael V. Angrosino (12/1/2015)
114. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson (12/9/2015)
115. Eve by WM. Paul Young (12/13/2015)
116. O Me of Little Faith: True Confessions of a Spiritual Weakling by Jason Boyett (12/14/2015)
117. The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg (12/16/2015)
118. Wild in the Hollow: On Chasing Desire and Finding the Broken Way Home by Amber C. Haines (12/18/2015)
119. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (12/24/2015)
120. Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman (12/29/2015)

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