Wednesday, January 02, 2019

2018 Reading Recap (Book stats, and graphs, and charts, oh my!)

Image of my book tracking spreadsheet from 2018 

Goodreads Reading Challenge
Number of books read: 130
Number of pages read: 30,006
Average Length: 230 pages

(From my Goodreads year-end info-graphic)

I had a very good reading year. As far as the number of books read, it's my 2nd highest. Somehow I managed to read 142 in 2016. 

My average rating is slightly higher than last year's 3.5. Here's the breakdown:
Mode of reading:
Audiobook (88), Ebook (24), Print (18)
 - According to Audible, I listened to 337 hours of audiobooks in 2018.

Book Genres:
Fiction vs. Nonfiction is almost 50-50.

More specific genres I track:
C. S. Lewis Studies: 3
Inklings: 1
Seminary: 15
Theology: 15
Spiritual Memoir: 8 
Science Fiction: 20
Fantasy: 34
Fiction: 14
Nonfiction: 20

(Goals for 2019 include reading a lot more in my C. S. Lewis Studies category. I plan to re-read Till We Have Faces and the Space Trilogy, and probably The Chronicles of Narnia. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, I hope.)

For this chart I grouped Seminary, Theology, and Spiritual Memoir together as "Theology", and I put the Inklings in with C. S. Lewis.
Male/Female Authorship:
Female: 58 (compared to last year's 17)
Male: 72 (compared to last year's 67)

I'm really glad I evened this percentage out this year. Last year 80% of the books I read were written by men. This year it was 55% men and 45% women.
Books Read Per Month:

Read vs. Re-reads:
First time read: 104
Re-read: 26

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