Friday, October 03, 2008


I really should update this blog more often. I want to write more. It's just that pesky little matter of time. How there's a limited ammount of it and I seem to be really good at wasting it...

I'm really excited about the paper I'm writing for my Postmodern Culture class right now. Except that it's due Monday and it's not exactly done yet... Hopefully I can shape parts of it into a blog post once it's finished. I also keep meaning to post another thankfulness post... I'm really bad at that, even though I'm thankful for a lot of things! 

God's been really busy "stirring my pot" as one of my friends likes to word it... she then got a big kick out of it when I told her about the mission statement of The Post being "to be a community in motion STIRRED by God to change the world"

But yeah... about that paper...

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