Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thankful Saturday? (Vol. 2)

How can someone with so much to say write so little?

So... that whole "Thankful Thursday" thing hasn't worked out so well...
I still want to do it... but it seems to be a bigger challenge for me to blog regularly than I thought.
Hmm, I suppose I should go ahead and blog about what I'm thankful for today since I haven't done that since July 15th... and now it's almost September... how did that happen?

Okay, so today I am thankful:
  • -That God has provided me with so many friends who love me deeply and pray for me often.
  • -For the wonderful Bible Study group God has blessed me with that kicks off on Wednesday.
  • -For the opportunity to be finishing a Master's degree (I'm in my second to last class right now!).
  • -That God helped me pass that Spanish Translation Exam that I took back in July.
  • -For wonderful parents who love me more than I can really know or understand fully at this point in my life.
  • -For my fantastic brother who I get to go on a road-trip with next weekend to visit family in NC.

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