Sunday, May 08, 2016

A Psalm for the Days of Doubt and Depression

I am full of doubts and darkness Lord;
Come rescue me from this pain.
The questions haunt me
As answers elude my mind.

O God, why do you hide your face from me?
Why do you leave me here in the dark?
All day long I cry out to you
And all night long I pray.

I beseech you Lord, Rescue me!
Save me from the pit of despair!
Shine your light into my darkness
So I can see your face.

Answers still elude me
But you are patient with my questions.
You are with me in my pain,
You sit with me in the darkness.

Still I will trust in you, O God
In your unfailing love I will rest.
You have promised to be with me always
I cling to you.

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