Thursday, February 12, 2015

You Matter. You are Loved. You are Known.

What do we all want more than anything? More than money, more than fame, we want to know that we matter, that we are loved and known. And it's already true of us!

Something that has stayed with me from some sermons at church is the phrase, “the truest thing about you.”

For example, the truest thing about me is not my depression.
The truest thing about me is that all of my hope is in Jesus, the Messiah.

The truest thing about you and me is not our struggles or sin or shame or brokenness.
The truest thing about us is that we are loved unconditionally by our Good God.

You matter. You are created in the image of God and you matter.

You are loved. The One who created the entire universe loves you more deeply than you can imagine. You are loved.

You are known intimately by the One who knit you together in your mother’s womb. You are known.

These are reminders to myself as much as anyone because my bent is all that negative self-talk crap, and who has time for that?

I’m tired of believing lies.
So I’m practicing rehearsing Truth, for you and for me.

You matter.
You are loved.
You are known.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Everybody needs to hear they matter, are loved and are known!

Thanks for sharing!! Loved it...

P.S. Thanks to you and my daughter, you have made a C. S. Lewis fan of me!!! FINISHED the Chronicles of Narnia Series and have borrowed another book that has 4 different books in it...I'll start that one later after things slow down a bit!