Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Podcast Interview on Depression

So my last post on depression led to Tim and Nobe from the Back to Red podcast asking me if I would be interested in doing a podcast with them and I said yes. You can head on over to their site to hear it!

You can also go directly to thier iTunes channel and hit subscribe:

(They spend the first little bit talking about The Walking Dead, so if you're not interested in that part you can skip to about 20 minutes in.)

Some of the things we discuss are:
  • What depression is and isn't.
  • Some positives and negatives about how church/The Bible impact a person's depression.
  • Does God purposely gives people depression in order to teach them to rely in Him more?
  • What friends and family should do to help someone they love deal with depression.
  • Some resources, activities, or avenues that we have used to cope with depression. 
Also, fun fact, the post Tim references during the podcast as the one where he first read my blog was the one on Wrecked Theology: The Books that Read Us, from last April.

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