Monday, August 27, 2012

A Quick Bookish Survey

1. The book I’m currently reading: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (1 of 5 books I'm currently reading, which is why I haven't finished it yet.)

2. The last book I finished: Girl Meets God by Lauren F. Winner
- A beautiful memoir of one girl's faith journey, from converting to Orthodox Judaism to embracing Jesus as her Lord and Savior and how God did all that!

 3. The next book I want to read: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende - I watched the movie over and over and over again growing up (just ask my brother), so I don't know how I've not read the book  yet!

4. The last book I bought: Three Books Listed here

5. The last book I was given: Foundation by Isaac Asimov - Science Fiction: "
For twelve thousand years the Galactic Empire has ruled supreme. Now it is dying. Only Hari Seldon, creator of the revolutionary science of psychohistory, can see into the future—a dark age of ignorance, barbarism, and warfare that will last thirty thousand years. To preserve knowledge and save mankind, Seldon gathers the best minds in the Empire—both scientists and scholars—and brings them to a bleak planet at the edge of the Galaxy to serve as a beacon of hope for future generations. He calls his sanctuary the Foundation. But soon the fledgling Foundation finds itself at the mercy of corrupt warlords rising in the wake of the receding Empire. And mankind’s last best hope is faced with an agonizing choice: submit to the barbarians and live as slaves—or take a stand for freedom and risk total destruction."

How about you? Feel free to do your own, either leaving a link or your entire list in a comment!
Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for the idea!

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