Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Top Ten Posts of 2014

According to page views, these are my top ten posts from 2014:

1. Wrecked Theology: The Books that Read Us 
"if you only read people you agree with, how will you grow?"

2. C. S. Lewis, Myth, and Postmodernism
"C. S. Lewis remains one of the most prolific writers in the Western world, with most of his works still in print though he died in 1963. His writings, spanning most genres, have been read by scholars and children, Christians and atheists. But how does he fit in with a postmodern culture? Are the writings of C. S. Lewis still relevant in a postmodern age?"

3. Smartphone's Don't Make Dumb People
"Social media is what you make it."

4. The Chronicles of Narnia Correct Reading Order
(Yes, there is one.)

5. The Undragoning of Eustace
"Eustace is a character you kind of just want to punch in the face until his transformation experience with Aslan."

6. 31 Days of C. S. Lewis (Index)

7. LEGO Theology
How can you relate LEGO with Theology? Well let me tell you!

8. Why Santa Claus is Still Alright with Me

9. C.S. Lewis - Is Theology Poetry? (More on Myth)

10. C. S. Lewis's Baptized Imagination (Why I love C. S. Lewis)

Did you happen to have a favorite?

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