Wednesday, October 28, 2009

McDonald's etc.

So I went to McDonalds today where I learned that they don’t start serving lunch until 12:00 and it was only 11:00, so I got a breakfast item off of the menu and went for it “Mexican style” thinking it would just be the eggs that would have the peppers and stuff in them, which they did, and it was good, but they also put beans and cheese on the McMuffin on the platter instead of the bisquit with gravy that I was expecting. And you know how I feel about beans! (Or maybe you don’t, but now you do) I do not like them! At all! So I won’t be getting it “Mexican style” the next time. But that’s okay. Live and learn. It’s pretty sweet to be sitting at McDonalds and see Cerra de la Silla in the background.

Oh, on Saturday I got to see not one but two different movies in Spanish in a movie theatre here. The first was El Delphin and the second was El Estudiante. I understood enough to enjoy the movies, but I would really like to see El Estudiante again sometime with subtitles or something because I enjoyed it a lot and wish I could have understood all of the dialogue.

And Sunday night was a big ole long youth rally where 6 of the Churches of Christ in Monterrey got together for about 2 ½ hours of singing and preaching and then had some good food and fellowship afterwards. It was a lot of fun.

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