Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Monterrey at last...

After more than 1,400 miles and over 24 hours in the car I am here. I arrived around 9:30pm (central time) on Friday night after some delay at the border. Once I found where I needed to go to get my tourist visa and car permit I was good to go, but that took longer than it should have...

Saturday was a relaxing day and Anita took me to a book fair that it going on right now and then she drove me around the city some.

Today (Sunday) was church of course. They have their first service of the day at 10am. Everyone is together for lots of singing and prayer requests and then the ´kids´ go to their classes and the adults stay for the sermon. This part was finished around 12:30pm at which time we break for lunch. Some stay to eat there, but most go home or go get something to eat somewhere else. Then at 2:00 we meet again for more singing and another sermon/lesson time. I´m not sure what time that was over, but I do know that it was 5:00 when most everyone had left.

Well, that´s enough for now, until next time,

¡Vaya con Dios!

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