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C. S. Lewis's First and Final Short Story (A Review of Light by Charlie W. Starr)

A brief review of Dr. Charlie W. Starr's book: Light: C. S. Lewis's First and Final Short Story:
Every C. S. Lewis fan should read this book. Not only do you get to read a previously unpublished short story by C. S. Lewis himself, but you also get a fun, engaging analysis of the mystery surrounding the "Light" manuscript, as well as a section diving into the possible meanings of the story which delves into Lewis's epistemology.

Obviously, I am more than the casual admirer of C. S. Lewis and his writings. I've also done my fair share of academic reading. I think it is unfortunate that most of the time "academic" in this context tends to be synonymous with "boring", "dull", or "uninteresting". Fortunately, Starr's book manages to be both scholarly and entertaining as he takes us on his journey to solve the mysteries surrounding the Light manuscript.

Charlie W. Starr
My favorite section, other than the story itself of course, is part three: "The Meaning of Light". Here we explore how Lewis was doing what he did best in this story: talking about philosophy, epistemology, and theology though story and imagination. Starr helps us look at different possible interpretations here. The chapter titles in this section are, "Contemplation, Enjoyment and War", "Toolsheds, Truth and Knowledge", "Beyond Reason and Imagination", and "Earthly Longing, Heavenly Light".

I love the way Starr brings in so much of Lewis's work, showing us yet again that Owen Barfield was correct when he said that "what Lewis thought about everything was secretly present in what he said about anything".

I also enjoy the parallel publication of "The Man Born Blind", with "Light," which allows the reader to see the changes and understand more about the nature of Lewis's revisions.

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